Solar Plants

Solar Plants

The entire development project for a PV plant can be part of an environmentally sustainable local development strategy: THE VALORIZATION OF AN OLD LANDFILL. This sites, on the contrary, could hardly obtain a better environmental end economic requalification by only managing the post-management ( POST-MORTEM) of the landfill site.

The final cover of the landfill shall be built using a multilayer system. Starting from bottom to top level is described a typical kind of capping.

Our experience and way of operating guarantees the right technical compromise between PV energy plant and the BIOGAS extraction from the landfill.

We study the optimization of the panels according to the landfill site.

This preliminary TEST allows you to choose the right PV panel, not on the basis of the supplier’s offer and PERFORMANT GUARANTEES but on the REAL performance of the PV panel In site.

You can test at the same time 4 different types of PV panels suppliers.