Group of Companies


BEEAH Group is the region’s leading sustainability and digital expert, renowned for groundbreaking environmental innovations and smart solutions for future-ready cities.

  • The Region’s Leading Waste Management Partner
  • Deploying advanced city cleaning & waste collection solutions
  • Building cleaner cities & healthier communities
  • Driving the agenda for a ZERO-WASTE future
  • Advanced recycling facilities for treatment & processing
  • Enabling resource recovery for total waste diversion
  • Over 13,000 Employees

  • ATH Middle East is a EAU Registered Company 100% owned by Greenthesis S.p.A
  • Greenthesis S.p.A is the leading Italian provider for Environmental Remediation & Industrial Waste Management
  • Greenthesis S.p.A is a listed Company on the Italian Stock Exchange
  • 500+ Environmental Remediation projects delivered
  • 13 waste management operating plants based in Italy and in EAU
  • 300 Million Euros Projects designed built and operated in project financing for over